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The early age of video games invited us to play thousands of side scrolling titles that mesmerized our senses, but there was one game that stood above the rest and unfortunately is now almost lost in history of gaming. The King of Dragons by the magicians at Capcom is one of their best titles ever created and will always be remembered as one amazing adventure through gaming. This hack and slash classic allows the player to choose a variety of diverse characters including a Wizard, Elf, Cleric, and the classic Fighter. Your enemies are just as fun and diverse with such baddies as Cyclopes, Minotaurs, Harpies, and Orcs. These creatures along with dragons will do anything to stop you from completing the 16 levels and feeling the satisfaction of victory. The feeling of this game is like Dungeons and dragons, or more like a J.R.R. Tolkien fantasy world. The player will get points scored for killing enemies and will advance like a role playing game with many upgrades for your character. This is one game that will always aim to please, especially the most hardened picky player.

Graphics – is probably the best you can get for this 1991 classic, and is good compared to today’s standard side scrolling adventures. The colors are bright and sharp with great detail in the characters, enemies, and surroundings. The real surprise is how well the bosses are designed and crafted with exquisite detail and excellent colorization, especially the red dragon.

Controls – are your basic gaming tool with one joystick and two buttons. The joystick moves your character around the screen while one button is for jumping and the other is for attacking, though pressing both buttons simultaneously you will release a special attack. Pulling the joystick back will allow the character to block any damaging attacks from the enemy, but who actually blocks in a hack and slash? Two players can play together with the coin Operated version.

AI – is much better than most games in the genre and the enemies actually avoid attacks. One of the most difficult AI in classic games is Golden Axe because the player is at a disadvantage, but The King of Dragons gives the player equal footing with the enemy and the AI is not overwhelming for the fact that the player will not instantly get four enemies surrounding them and knocking the player down every second. It is all very good settings in regards to the AI and very enjoyable. Most players may find the level ending bosses to be very difficult to defeat, but it is well worth playing and the victory will be sweeter.

Replay value – is excellent and many players will always come back to this game, especially with friends who can join in. Unfortunately players cannot have a full team of adventurers like the Captain America and the Avengers (See previous article), but two players together keeps the action continuously new and fresh.

Where to find this classic – Unfortunately there is no location where a player can find a really good coin operated version, but no fear because Super Nintendo came out with a version. Pulling out the old console might be a good idea, and getting a copy of the game might be expensive on an online site. The game is rare and that will be the reason for a high price for the game. It may also be possible to find a copy of Capcom Classic Collection which also includes The King of Dragons. Finding this gem of a classic is well worth the discovery of adventure.
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