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Thresh the Chain Warden
Thresh is the latest support champion designed by Riot Games for it's ever-growing hit MOBA platform, League of Legends. It had been a while since a new support was put out, and they tried to make Thresh something different. In that, they succeeded, whether or not he is actually good, though, is up for debate. Here is a quick video of what his powers do.

Thresh has an interesting set of skills, which may lead you to believe that he is fun to play. This is deceptive and that sense of excitement should be ignored. Let's go over his skills and you'll understand why. First of all, he is a ranged attacker, using his whip to strike from a distance, his passive allows him to do extra damage on his auto attack the longer it has been since his last strike. This is cool for poking, as long as you do it only once in a while (lame). His passive also makes enemies killed randomly spawn the 'souls' of the departed which he can then collect to raise his armor and magic resistance. His Q is a pull that shoots his chain out, grabs an enemy and then stuns them and pulls them closer. You can also pull yourself closer with another tap of Q, bringing you in close. While this is a great move if it lands, the timing on it is so slow, that you have to pretend you are playing DOTA just to land it. In other words, the animation of the move itself takes so long that by the time the chain shoots out, your target is no longer in that spot, so you miss it constantly (lame).

Thresh's W is really the only cool thing about him. It allows him to cast his lantern out far away from him, shielding any of his allies that are in the light it casts. In addition to this rather beefy shield, if your ally then clicks on his lantern, it makes him jump right to Thresh's current location. This is very useful for quick getaways and/or surprise ganks. It can let your jungler who is hiding in the bush be right in the middle of the fight in a split second. The downside of this is that it seems like 90% of the people who play with a Thresh on their team have no clue how to use it. So you end up throwing your lantern in the bush for the jungler to use, and instead he runs past it, essentially wasting your shield and also not making it to the fight in time because he is stupid (lame).

His E is a spectacular example of poorly thought-out game mechanics, and should win some sort of award for 'Most Useless Skill Ever'. What it is supposed to do is sweep his chain, knocking all opponents in the direction of the sweep. To do this you must place the mouse arrow in the opposite direction of where you want the target to be 'knocked' which, in an intense battle moment, you will fail to do 9 out of 10 times because it is counter-intuitive. Then there is the actual knockback, which is more like a very tiny little knock-UP, and in effect does nothing to impede anyone in anything. Oh yeah, and it does about as much damage as a fly hitting the grill of a 18 wheeler going 70 on the highway, aka zero damage (lame). Congratulations, here is your Gilded Turd Award.

Thresh's ultimate ability is actually kind of cool, graphically at least. He summons a box around him that dramatically slows anyone who passes through it, and then does a decent amount of damage to anyone caught in the border when it explodes. Unfortunately it is pretty easy to counter the damage. All you ave to do is stay in the middle attacking thresh until it pops. Which means that most of the time you end up trapping people right next to you who are just going to murder you then laugh about it (lame).

So all these things combine to make thresh a pretty hard player to use. If you can actually land your Q with the completely slow animations it has, and then get your ult off right in time, and if your team mates understand how to use his lantern to move around, then you might just have a decent game, but in my experience Thresh is terrible and should never be played. The only real way to play him is as a very tanky support who only initiates under the tower. And really...where is the fun in that? (lame).
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